Good Monday morning.

The simplicity of what we truly desire is often surprising to us. As time passes we value the inner qualities of peace, love and connection more than we do the material. While we can have all the outer trappings of a successful life, the real success comes when we reach a certain level of inner peace. When we attach our sense of Self to things like money, looks, fame, possessions or position, we often feel empty inside.

One of the Soul Questions we ask is: “Who am I?” When asking this question the intellectual mind will want to jump in and answer all the things you do. See if it is possible to suspend those thoughts and listen deeper within to really uncover the Self. As you relax within you will naturally experience a deep peace and feel a connection to who you are in your essential nature. There might not even be words for it. Just listen and experience. Its worth it.

OK! I am not saying it is not important to have success and money and a nice home and look good or whatever else is important to you and adds to your life experience. It is just that if you have those things without the inner connection they will not be infused with your energy and you will continue to look outside of you for more and more.

Settling into the alignment of who you truly are and then listening into your heart for what you truly desire is the foundation of creating and attracting the life you have always wanted. Make the journey from your head to your heart, pull your energy from outside to within and everything you attract through your conscious intention and mindful awareness will bring you joy.

Love and Light, Marion