We are living in times where there is much fear. Fear causes us to look outside of us and see anything or anyone different as a threat. This creates separation and we lose our connection to each others’ humanity. Interestingly over and over as we experience natural disasters and violent attacks on various communities we witness the true nature of human beings as everyone comes together as one to help each other. It is in these times that we access this true inner power and there is no thought to what someone’s race, religion, political views or sexual orientation is, we just help each other lovingly and compassionately. Does it have to take these extreme situations for us to see each other as one? In a world ruled by fear we are threatened by anything or anyone that is different and often attempt to create a separation by knocking them down or judging or finding fault. This gives us a false sense of being better than or more powerful. Sadly this is not what true power is.

True Power comes when you use mindful awareness to know and love yourself. This allows you to access the deep authentic being within you that has the courage and compassion to accept others as they are. It is an inner power and does not require a hierarchical structure in our relationships. It is the power and freedom you find through connecting within, knowing yourself and taking responsibity for your impact on others and the world. It takes a trust that the world is abundant, as are the hearts and spirits of people coming from love and not fear. We will never come to peace through fighting and creating separation either within our own beings or with others. Could each of us take responsibility for opening up our hearts to each other, treating each other kndly and compassionately even when we disagree or feel afraid? This is the journey to peace and freedom.

Have a beautiful week.
Love and Light, Marion