We are nearing the end of the year, and it is often a time for reflection. How has the past year been for you? Is your life more aligned with your truth now than it was a year ago? Have you been listening to the guidance within that is available to us at all times when we just get still and listen? What do you want to let go of and what do you want to invite in?


Setting Resolutions

When we set resolutions at the beginning of each year, we use the strength of will to fulfill those intentions. While it is important to have discipline when we introduce a new practice into our lives, willpower has a short life span, which is evident a month or two into the new year.

Each spiritual tradition has both Intention and Attention included in the teachings. We are constantly making plans in our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously and we have a choice to organize our energy in the direction of what we want, which is always what is in divine alignment for us. Whatever we say yes to is an intention. Today is an opportunity for each of us to connect to the powerful Field of Intention so we can create what we truly desire rather than leaving ourselves open to whatever shows up and living in automatic drive.In the material world, we create through force and effort. In the world of Energy and Spirit, it is important that we master the age-old principles of Attention and Intention for creation and manifestation. These principles unify Body, Mind, and Spirit and have a more long lasting effect.

Three Commitments

Begin to spend time listening to what direction you would like the next year to go in, how you want to feel in your life and relationships and what you want to contribute. Be mindful of where your thoughts are and begin to uncover further the unconscious thoughts and patterns that are limiting you. The Awareness practice is essential. Bringing your attention into the present moment over and over on purpose. What is true and important for you will be revealed.

From what you hear, ask if you can make three commitments to yourself.

Have a beautiful holiday season. Be loving and gentle and patient with yourselves and others. Open your hearts in compassion and see how different you feel. Blessings and Gratitude to you all.

Love and Light, Marion


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