22 years ago as I was going through the most difficult yet transformational period of my life. During this time, I heard a message deep inside me that said: Marion, there is power in vulnerability.

Just plain vulnerable

At the time, the rawness of the fear and hurt I was experiencing did not feel powerful at all. It just felt plain vulnerable. Thankfully I didn’t allow the vulnerability to hold me back. I listened to my intuitive guidance and followed my call toward my soul’s purpose. I have been blessed to do what I love and what I feel is my true calling. After a couple years of working and holding women’ circles, I began to teach a workshop called The Power in Vulnerability. Whether in sessions, workshops or meditation classes, I guided others to become vulnerable by feeling and moving through their emotions and embracing all of who they are so they could access their magnificent powerful Selves.

Brene Brown

A few years ago Brene Brown delivered a wonderful Ted talk by the name Power of Vulnerability. She is truly gifted and I resonated so deeply with what she was sharing. While preparing my workshop that year, I noticed I had feelings of envy. Envy that she had delivered this message and was achieving success for it. I had to really sit with those emotions and listen deeply to the thoughts of not enoughness so that I was able to show up and hold the space for those attending my workshop the days following. I found myself in resistance and feeling very challenged. Thankfully I was able to be very honest and open with myself. I allowed myself to feel these inadaquete feelings. I felt the emotions deep in my body and spoke my story to myself, accessing the powerful subconscious limiting beliefs within me. I noticed the next day that the space was open for others to be very open and share their own vulnerabilities.

Missed Opportunity?

As I tidied up my bathroom today almost 3 years after that workshop, I was listening once again to one of her books and I realized that my fear that I missed my window of opportunity accompanied by my judgement of myself for not getting things done quicker has caused me to get sidetracked in my journey to fulfilling my life purpose. I have wanted to share my message with a larger audience yet have kept things small and safe. Where is that courage I had so many years ago? I need to access it again, allow myself to get uncomfortable and step into however large or small my life is meant to be. I have to risk my greatest fears, those of being rejected and criticized, and practice what I teach. Which is to allow myself to feel the insecurity of not knowing, be vulnerable and surrender into my life’s unfolding.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light