We have such great power with our voices. In this age of technology and social media and the supposed anonymity it promises, it seems we have left behind both the pause that might stop us from saying something harmful and the courage to speak or act when another is being hurt or wronged. Knowing when to keep silent and when to speak requires a deep listening within. As we practice present moment awareness and mindful compassion in our lives we notice when something feels off and calls for our courage to speak or be still. It is both in our personal relationships and in our communities and globally that speaking truth creates a space for healing. Things left unsaid fester and create a level of wounding, discomfort, and separation.

What is your truth and do you know it? Your intuition and feeling body are your guides when something is off. This has to be nurtured and developed as our voices both inner and outer have often been muted for fear of judgment or shaming. It is time for each of us to take full responsibility for what we say and how we act and how it affects the world around us. We must begin with ourselves and develop an honest truthful and open relationship within so that we can develop relationships with truth and honesty with our loved ones and then with society around us. We must create a space for unity and connection rather than division and separation. We must honor differences of opinion and hold what we judge with compassion even when we vehemently disagree. We must speak up when someone is being hurt even if we fear it will impact us personally and professionally. We must transform the power structure of our society from a bully power (power over) to a true power based in openness and compassion (power from within). True leaders build those around them up rather than dominate and knock others down.

Do you have the courage to trust in yourself and allow others to be their full essential Selves so we can raise the vibration of our society from fear and hate to love and acceptance? You will benefit from living with an open heart and you will be a living invitation to others to be the same.

Have a beautiful week.
Love and Light, Marion