We can often think about what we don’t have or what is not happening in our lives, especially when times are tough and we are in pain. While it is always good and essential to allow our emotions and feelings, the pain really comes in the inner dialogue about what is not possible, what won’t happen and that we don’t have what we want and need. The truth is we don’t know what might come to us in the next minute. It is so hard to trust and allow, isn’t it? Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon creating vision boards. Each person’s is so unique of course because each of us is so unique. As we moved into a quiet space to begin listening to what it is we truly desire I guided the group to listen beyond the thinking mind, into their hearts and souls. Remember we can get quite specific about what we really want, then it is important to embody the feelings and sensations of how it would be to have it, the as-if practice, and ultimately the surrender to our life’s unfolding. What frustrates us is that we have no control over the timing of things coming into our lives. This we have to surrender. All we can do is get in touch with what our true heart’s desire and soul’s call is, see if there is anything we are doing to block the attraction of it and then let go of all attachments to how it shows up and when. Remember it is this mystery that is life. Without this life would be pretty dry and linear and would not stimulate growth and expansion. What do you really want and can you harvest it within you and then surrender its unfolding in your life? I hope so. This is what brings peace.

On that note, it is often in those times of pain and uncertainty that special people come into our lives. I have experienced a lot of hurt and betrayal yet I have been blessed with wonderful support and love. 20 years ago I met my teacher, Gary Strauss. I am so grateful to him for the space he has held for me then and now and for his way of being in the world. Something within me guided me to take a Polarity basic class and I never looked back. The love and trust he has shown in me has been a soft place for me to let go into over and over. Thank you Gary.

Love and Light, Marion