We live in a multi dimensional world of energy and vibration

The vibration we put out into the world has a big impact on what we attract to ourselves. The actions we take affect both our lives and those around us.  Our bodies, minds and spirits are all an integral part of who we are and which means our thoughts and emotions, both conscious and unconscious, have an impact on how we feel and what we create in our lives. 

We spend so much time and energy “fixing” ourselves. The ultimate consciousness journey is to surrender into the beauty of who we already are and not try to change ourselves into someone or something we believe is more acceptable. Accept and be who you are instead of judging yourself according to who you think you should be. Of course it is powerful and important to focus on growth and expansion as we move through life, yet I always wonder if we could be a little gentler and more compassionate with ourselves as we grow.

Letting be

When we observe a flower blooming in nature, we do not criticize or hurry it along. We allow it to unfold and stand in awe of its natural beauty. Why then do we think the way to transform our lives is by ruminating about what is wrong with us and what we need to change or by forcing and controlling desired outcomes instead of letting go and allowing?


Our beautiful selves

Let us create a fertile nourishing environment and allow the unfolding of our beautiful selves. Then whatever desires and intentions we uncover as we listen deep inside have a loving nurturing environment in which to grow. These daily practices that help us remember our essential natures are very powerful as they center us and help us catch the old habits of judging and fixing.

  • Meditate daily, even if just for a short time
  • Practice gratitude and focus on what you do have
  • Think of what you like about who you are and acknowledge that
  • Explore your unconscious limiting beliefs about yourself and embrace those so they can have less power.
  • Observe the areas where you feel defensive or shut down
  • Choose a peaceful state by not indulging the fears that constantly arise in your mind.

Be in the present

Our place of power is in the present moment. Regret and pain can drag us into the past where fear and anxiety of the unknown can pull us into the future. To live fully and passionately in the present we want to feel the emotions and sensations while remaining in the present. Embracing the parts of ourselves that we judge or feel shame about will help us be more fully present. Our thinking minds want to take us out of present time and into fear of our “not enoughness’ and fear of the unknown future. 


Don’t go to war with your ego mind. Acknowledge its need for attention by listening deeply and connecting to the sensations you notice. Instead of trying to rid your mind of those thoughts or convince yourself that the opposite of what you fear is true, just bring attention within you and breathe, choosing to return to the breath and the now. Focus on not controlling and manipulating, just being and allowing. A natural presence practice with an open loving heart