Last night as I was distractedly watching the Academy Awards, I was struck by a few powerful moments where people found the courage to speak up about various subjects often left underground. It was not only that they did use their voices, they seemed to speak passionately from their hearts in a way that was aimed at reaching others and encouraging change without aggression. We can never know whose life might be impacted if we just speak up.

Even within our own selves change or healing does not occur unless we find the courage to speak the truth both to ourselves and others. We cannot transform what we do not acknowledge. If each one of us made a commitment to be open and honest and take responsibility for our own footprint on the world, we would have a more healthy and peaceful society. Start with you. At least if you know you will be open and honest with yourself, you can begin to create a safe space for you to let go into. This allows you to let go of your barriers of protection, fears and projections. You will be able to trust that you will listen to your inner wisdom and act on it. You will also know that you will set clear healthy boundaries when needed. These boundaries plus the power of a truthful, heart-centered voice are the tools needed to find the Power within Vulnerability. As we heal within we can bring ourselves more openly into both our personal and professional relationships.

In my work with couples and individuals, I find that when they begin to find courage and speak up about what is important to them and let go of the fear and shame of either hurting someone else or of being hurt, they experience a freedom inside that is immeasurable.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
Anne Frank

Love and Light, Marion