Good morning to all you very special people. I am sorry to let you know I’ll be out of commission for a while. I underwent emergency surgery on Saturday night where they removed a piece of my colon. I am confident I will make a full recovery.

My hospital stay is 4-5 days and I have not been told how long I will need to be off work. My deepest apologies to you. I know some of you have waited a while to get on the schedule. The Universe and Angels are speaking loud and clear and I must listen. The workshop next weekend will also be canceled.

I was rear ended in my nice new car Thursday night and I can only believe this was related somehow because I started having extreme pain on Friday. I saw my doctor Friday and spent a very uncomfortable night Fri night. On Saturday afternoon I asked my son to take me to the emergency room and I am still there. 🙁

Your powerful healing vibrations and prayers will be received with gratitude. Much love to you. I will keep you informed.

Love and Light, Marion