unconscious patterns

The emotional and physical impact of unconsious patterns

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs have a direct impact on our biology. The healing of unresolved emotional issues frees our heart and with that our creative force. The emotions held in the body, from grief to sadness to anger and blame, create resistance to the natural flow of life. It is essential that we do not ask “Why” situations are happening to us and rather “How” do I move through this experience with my essential Self intact.

Present Time

The most powerful place to be is in present time. It is important to look at the past to find the aspects of our Spirit that are lost in past hurt and trauma. We must set goals and intentions around what we want to create in the future and then we must return to the present moment. Our essential self must have the freedom to breathe, to speak, to be sad and angry, to create. The conditioned responses from previous pain and from past events as well as familial patterns remain locked in our subconscious minds until we do the deep personal self reflection that shines a light on what might be blocking us from our true heart’s desires.

There is a profound difference between having intellectual knowledge of or emotions and actually feeling them. To heal from the blockages caused from trauma or pain, it is essential to feel the emotions, access where they are registered in the body and listen deep within for the limiting patterns of belief we took on during that time. We then have the opportunity of letting go and thereby freeing our Spirits.

Listen deeply within and to others with a gentle empathy and speak truth to yourself and others from your heart. This will help unlock the powerful unconscious patterns that drive us until we become more conscious and powerful in our own lives.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light