Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes. I feel very blessed. I went up to Sedona yesterday and was gifted with a display from Nature that included rain, sunshine, lightning and thunder. Such beauty all around. The way nature works with its seasons and various expressions can teach about appreciation and wonder but also about surrender.

What does it mean to truly surrender? How would it be if each of us took full responsibility for ourselves and our actions and yet could let go of fear and attachment to the outcome? Surrendering does not mean giving up or not caring. Quite the contrary. It means that we move from the linear five-sensory paradigm of existence to a trust in our inner wisdom and intuitive knowing. In this way we can connect to the flow of life and understand that we cannot control outcomes anyway. All we have power over is how we respond in each moment. What most of us fear is the unknown so the thought or suggestion of surrendering seems daunting. It takes courage to let go of the attachment to the future and pain and regret from the past and surrender to our life’s unfolding. This courageous act, however, brings with it such freedom.

I know for me that the times when I have surrendered have been the most magical times even if they were during difficult situations. Surrendering allows space for the divine to enter and for the Universe to respond to your heart’s desires and soul’s purpose. Driving home last night I watched the magical display of the moon coming out from behind the clouds, the rain pouring down at times, the lightning display, the beautiful shapes and coloring of the clouds. Nature does not need to control itself, it consistently flows with life. Can we do the same, taking in what we need and letting go of what we don’t, yet knowing that we are provided for? I know when I do that I feel at peace and I want to do it more and more. Remember surrendering does not mean that our life is happening to us but more that we know that the power within each of us will guide us in the direction of what is best both for ourselves and for the greater whole. It is an active choice and requires a greater level of consciousness.

What does it mean to surrender?

Ask yourself if you can stop overthinking things. All that does is take you out of present time into the future and you lose power.

  • Can you let go of what has hurt you or caused pain before? This keeps you stuck in the past.
  • Are you able to let go of the need to be right to allow enjoyment in?
  • Can you let go of the intense wanting of a certain ideal or fantasy so that you can allow space for that or something better to enter your life?
  • Can you trust each moment and live fully and passionately present?
  • Practice acceptance of what each moment brings even if it is not what you thought it would be. Resistance creates pain and does not allow you to flow with life and live from your heart. Remember times when you let go into a flood of laughter or tears and how freeing that felt. Remember the feeling of time flying by as you spent time absorbed in a passion of yours. The beauty of making love and letting go completely into the experience, falling into sleep at night, being spontaneous and open are all places of surrender. Let’s have more surrender and see what life brings us.

    In deep gratitude

    Love and Light, Marion