What does it mean to be truly free

True freedom is a vibrant energy for life anchored by a core of clarity and calm. When we are free, we are fully present and able to meet all of life’s experiences with appreciation, wisdom and confidence. We are in touch with our heart’s desires and move gracefully towards them. Difficult situations can be met with an open perspective, expanding into each moment, instead of contracting into pain and fear. Life is an unfolding of mysteries and adventures, opportunities and challenges. What makes the journey richer and more joyful is the freedom we feel when we are in alignment with our essential Selves.

Many of us limit our freedom, consciously and unconsciously. Often, beliefs and emotions brought about by painful life experiences or traumas become stuck in our being, and we continue to live them, and let our future be shaped by them without even realizing it.

Spend some time in stillness and ask yourself what is keeping you from showing up in your life open and free? Bring awareness by listening to your body’s messages and intuitive language rather than figuring it out in your intellectual mind. What behaviors limit you from living with an open heart? Trust what comes, no judgement, no shaming and definitely no fixing. Just be present to the wisdom that arises from within. Have fun.

Finally, mark your calendars for Sept 10th for Effective Communication.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light