Good Monday morning. Meditation will be tonight at 7 as usual. See you there. We had a wonderful vision board day on Saturday and it is remarkable how unique each board was and how it reflected perfectly the beauty of its creator:) Let us remember who we are and what we want and experience the peace of that.

Why do we tend to make life so difficult and get caught up in the drama of our lives? The paradox of a spiritual life is that the simpler we keep things, the deeper we experience our soul’s journey and with that are able to have an impact on the world around us. This brings joy and fulfillment into our everyday lives.

The great spiritual teachers of our time and from the past all end up teaching the simplest of messages. The journey towards this simplicity requires a truthful relationship with ourselves so we can develop an ability to listen in to the messages that guide us. Now remember, these messages do not usually come in the form of someone shouting instructions into your ear, but rather as a subtle feeling, a knowing or an instinct. This ability to listen develops with a deeper relationship with ourselves as we learn to create more stillness within. The busy-ness of our personal dramas and stories keep our thinking minds active and keep us trapped in the past and unable to listen in to what is calling us in the present moment. This, of course, affects our freedom to create what we truly desire. Ask yourself how it is serving you to stay stuck in your story. Then listen and without judgement notice what is true for you. Then ask yourself what you need to be free of these limiting patterns and beliefs. Trust what you feel.

This brings us back to simplicity. What would our world be like if each person acted on what was in alignment with their highest Self in each moment? What if we truly trusted ourselves? Surely that would increase our trust in others? Also we would not have an attachment to others’ behavior but would be focused internally and taking responsibility for our own lives. I can only imagine that this would enhance Peace on our planet.

Love and Light, Marion