Developing a daily practice of meditation has a profound effect on living a life in alignment with your Spirit. We live our lives surrounded by noise and activity. Today’s technology, our busy lives, pressures at home and at work all create a very busy active and stressful existence. We have a lot of noise around us and then we create noise within with our busy minds. The way to connect with our inner Beings, our Spirits, is to introduce some stillness into our day to day existence. Through stillness we bring our attention into the present moment and can find our True Power.

Always begin with AWARENESS. Learn to notice both your body and its sensations and your mind and its thoughts. Awareness helps you connect to your inner Self. It can support you becoming grounded and centered in your lives. paysonimage

BREATH is a point of focus to bring your attention back to as your mind begins to wander. Allow your breath to breathe itself without manipulating it or changing it.

Most important, make a COMMITMENT to your practice. Remember it is a practice, not a competition. Let go of the need to accomplish a goal of stillness or quiet mind and just gently bring your attention back to the breath over and over again. As you stay committed to your practice, you will notice the impact it has in your life on all levels. It supports listening within to your wisdom. It promotes health and well-being and allows you to manifest the life of your dreams. You move from reactive to responsive and the results include peace and inner joy.

Love and Light, Marion