The Power Of Intention Workshop

We are always making intentions in our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously and we have a choice to organize our energy in the direction of what we want. Holding our energy in the direction we want, leads us towards what is in divine alignment for us. Whatever we say yes to is an intention.

Today is an opportunity for each of us to connect to the powerful Field of Intention so we can create what we truly desire rather than leaving ourselves open to whatever shows up. In the material world, we create through force and effort. In the world of Energy and Spirit, it is important that we master the age-old principles of Attention and Intention for creation and manifestation. These principles unify Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Attention and Intention

Inside of each intention you set lies the potential for its fulfillment. There is an organizing principle in the universe that responds to our Intention and desires. And when we introduce an intention into our lives, we engage this infinite organizing power, and it begins to work to bring us what we truly want and are open for. Attention and Intention are inherent in the path to consciousness. Attention energizes, and Intention transforms whatever we are creating attracting.

The Power of Intention Workshop


Saturday, January 28th 9:30 am -4 pm


Marion’s Studio

4175 North Goldwater Blvd Suite 112 Scottsdale AZ85251


$150 (15 spaces available)

Through meditation, deep listening and discussion we will uncover what it is you want to attract into your life and what might be blocking you from having that or even imagining it. Once we take some time to get still, we can listen to the wisdom within that guides us to clarity. We can explore aspects of these intentions and put the Universe to work for us. The practice of Mindful Awareness will then keep us present and open and allow us to manifest and attract the life we truly desire

What is Attention/Awareness?

Whatever we put our Attention on in our lives expands. Relaxed Attention reveals a natural presence.

  • It awakens our Beingness
  • It connects us to our essence
  • It opens our hearts with love and compassion

What is Intention?

When you introduce Intention into a field of energy and awareness, it focuses and organizes the energy in the direction of the intention. The Universe has both self-organizing power and self-correcting power. An intention must come from a sincere heart rather than from the intellectual mind which is run by fear and control. An Intention is an energetic force that draws us to love, truth and clarity.

Essential qualities for tapping into the Universal Law of Attraction

  • Be open-hearted
  • Be Loving
  • Be Compassionate
  • Be Kind
  • Be Centered
  • Be Expansive
  • Be Receptive
  • Be Creative
  • Be Bold
  • Be Focussed