For those of you interested in
-living a heart-centered life
-discovering who you really are
-aligning with your true purpose
-creating a life without limitations

“There has been a big emphasis on fixing and changing ourselves. We have become accustomed to seeing ourselves as flawed or wounded. Times are changing. The true place of power is within and yet opening our hearts to ourselves and others is also very vulnerable. This openness allows us to shed our protections and let go of attachment to our own and others’ judgements, freeing us to create the life we desire. Now is the time for each individual to discover that power within themselves to attract what is in their heart’s desire and align with their true purpose. This will have an impact in our world.” Love and Light, Marion

Spend a weekend in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona with Marion Light, while she guides you through a journey of self-exploration and holds a space for you to uncover your essential nature. In being who you really are you will connect to your heart’s desire and life purpose.

A Three Day Workshop
Friday November 8th – 10th
Flagstaff, Arizona
$375 (limited to 12 for the personal attention)
Recommended accommodations on the website.
To register email Marion at or call Marion at 602-369-6127
When you register I will email you information about accommodations and further details.
Please give a day or two for the website to get up to date. Sorry

About Marion: Marion Light has pursued her soul’s purpose for the past 18 years, committed to holding safe sacred space for others to uncover their essential selves. Her intention is to be a guide for others on their journey, allowing them to discover their own way. Marion grew up in South Africa and trained as a school teacher and coach. After moving to the USA in 1987 she taught special education in Los Angeles. It was the transition to Phoenix in 1994 and some severe health and personal challenges that led her into a search for her divine purpose. It was then that she kept hearing the message from within, “There is Power In Vulnerability”. She began her work with others who were seeking to live conscious lives. Some of her personal successes are her three adult children and the accomplishment as a young woman of representing her country at field hockey. Marion feels very fortunate to be doing what she loves every day.