We have all heard a version of the story of the man who was stranded in his home due to a flood asking for help and support from God, yet when the help came in different forms he said no to it stating that God would save him. I am most likely butchering the story but my thought is that we so often don’t notice or even reject the support from the Divine or the Universe when it comes our way. Sometimes we even deny it because it doesn’t look like we think it should or are too afraid to follow that guidance because we are not sure the outcome will fit our picture so we end up saying no to it.

Can we practice letting go of the fear and allowing the grace that is available to us at all times to flow in our lives. We work so hard to build walls of protection or to control our lives to avoid any form of discomfort or pain that we end up blocking the beautiful flow of energy and support that is available to us at all times. All we have to do is say yes.

Look at your life and your relationships this week and notice where you feel like you can be your essential self. Also notice the places where you are trying to be who you think you need to be to create a result you think is best. Bring mindfulness of where you are stuck in the past trying to change what happened to you or undo things you might have done and now regret. Please do this without judging yourself.

The peaceful path is one of mindful surrender. Always be aware and honor how things affect you and give them some attention, then practice letting go. Allow the beauty that is around you to flow through you and nourish you. Follow your intuitive guidance even when it feels scary and trust that when you keep returning to your center, to who you really are, that your life will organize around that and bring you peace.

Love and Light, Marion