One of my greatest desires from when I was a little girl was to experience relationships in which I felt loved and cherished and in which the other person received the love I had to offer them. A reciprocal, open honest connection that allowed me to relax and let go. I remember being very young and going to my mother to chat about my day and what had happened, always the talker:). While she was a “good mother” who took care of all of our basic needs and offered a space for us and others to feel safe in, she was not an emotionally connected woman. She did not offer me the space to explore my feelings and emotions and this environment set me up in a pattern that has been a lifelong companion, Maybe if I give a little more, they will be able to open up and love me back. Obviously that did not work and I found myself in a 25 year marriage where I repeated the same thing, trying to figure out what I could do to get them to open up to me and love me in the way I wanted to be loved. This left me with the feelings of “not enough” and “not lovable”. You know the drill. We all have these challenges with unique patterns of our own that we ultimately discover is the unconscious drive that keeps us from what we really want in life. These patterns run the show underground until we shine a light on them and bring them to consciousness.

I have been blessed with the capacity to love with an open heart. I know how to give love and how to hold a safe space in which others can feel whatever they feel and connect within. It has allowed me to really enjoy mothering my children and the work I do. I am also blessed to have many people in my life that offer me love and support and I am thankful for them every day.

I often say to those who come to see me, let go of what is not working so you can open up space for what you truly desire. Time for me to do the same. We often give the advice we really need to hear.

What unconscious beliefs are running the show for you? What is keeping you from experiencing the love and life you truly desire? Is it fear of opening your heart and getting hurt? If so, a life with a protected heart is not a full one. The safest path is to know you will be true to yourself at all times. When you know that and act on your intuitive wisdom you will be able to let go and allow all the love in from wherever it is meant to come. No forcing, just allowing.

In deep gratitude

Love and Light, Marion