There is so much talk about the present moment. What does it all really mean, to live in the present? Where else would we be? It is the sophisticated mind of the human being that takes us back into our past, into the wounds or regrets from before. It also transports us into the future through anxiety or fear of what might or might not happen ahead. While being at the ocean this week alone with nothing but time and space, and of course, the beauty of Mother Earth all around me, how could I find it challenging to stay present? This is a question I have been reflecting on as I found myself rushing forward to the next thing to get done for the first couple of days. Realizing that my nervous system is wired that way after years of raising children and working and having to be somewhere constantly, I am amazed at the power of the pull. Don’t I teach about staying in present time? Haven’t I pointed out to others that they are losing power by staying stuck in past hurts or anxiety over the future. My gratitude for my work with clients that ensures I spend much of my day in the present moment listening to their whole being and holding sacred space for them is growing by the minute. Can I do that for myself now? Am I able to slow down enough to remain quiet when it is not for another, whether that be children, partner, friends, clients, colleagues? Can I find stillness in my relationship with myself?

Personally, I find that I am pulled more into the future than the past. I even struggled through my meditation this morning because I had to look over some emails regarding my website. It was 5:30 am, not exactly urgent, especially because all I had coming up later was my 45 minute hike to the coffee shop, relaxing there and then walking back, along the sea, no less. Yes, I am here to get some writing done, but will my life really be changed if I don’t do that now? Probably not, however if I don’t offer myself the gift of sitting in this angst and finding center in the midst of it, I will surely limit my peace and happiness and my ability to manifest and create what I really want for me. There it is, What does my heart really desire and am I willing to open myself to receiving it through surrender? I surely hope so.

Love and Light