So much pain is created by words unsaid between two people, whether in an intimate relationship or with a friend or family member or even with ourselves. It seems that a lot of us believe that talking about how we feel is the same as confrontation and we have been raised to avoid confrontation at all costs.

It takes courage to speak openly and honestly about what is in your heart and mind. Remember speaking your truth does not mean handing out your opinion of others and what they should improve on. It is more about listening deep within to see what feels important to express, what would create open space and connection and what is hurting. Things left unsaid or swept under the rug sit like a heavy weight between two people and result in feelings of separation and distance. Each person imagines what the other might be thinking or feeling, which is of course filtered through their own insecurities and unresolved pain, and usually withdraw or go on the attack, either passively or plain aggressively.

The choice is not to hold your voice or choose confrontation. There is a middle way. The centered path. When we move deep within ourselves and listen to our feelings and inner knowing and communicate from that place of truth, it might be uncomfortable or even hurt a little to hear things but the result is one of open-hearted relationships and deep connection. This is how we create long lasting and fulfilling relationships. Begin with you always and then try it in your relationships.

In deep gratitude

Love and Light, Marion