Meditation is such a wonderful routine to incorporate into your daily life. It’s simple, inexpensive and doesn’t require anything but yourself. You can meditate anytime anywhere: on the train, sitting at your desk, walking, running, and lying in bed. Meditation allows you to experience calmness, peacefulness, joy, and spiritual connection.

A friend once asked me what it was like to meditate. First, I was astounded at the question because meditation had come so naturally to me. (I used to call it “zoning out” before I realized that I was meditating, I also called it daydreaming.) But when he asked me this question I searched my brain for best descriptive word I could think of, which was, “euphoric.” He looked at me with surprise in his eyes. I don’t think he understood how something like meditation could be euphoric. But it is.

Meditation allows you to tune into your body, mind and soul, while simultaneously supporting your ability to connect with the Divine Super Intelligence of the Universe. It’s beautiful.

During our waking hours we live in the active beta state. When you learn how to meditate your brainwaves slow down to the alpha or theta state of consciousness. If you’re interested in developing your intuition, I highly recommend meditating at least three times a week. It’s proven to increase your intuitive mind.

One of my medium-ship teachers said that she purposely meditated every day to PROVE that meditation did NOTHING to help your spiritual connection. We all chuckled when she said this. Then she said without skipping a beat, but meditating more made her spiritual connection significantly better. We all had a good laugh because you rarely hear that someone wanted to prove that meditation DOES NOT help your spiritual connection.

Finally, the beauty of meditating is that everyone can do it and everyone can benefit from it – no matter how often or how infrequently you do it…there’s always a benefit.

Just meditate!

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