Do you find it difficult or near impossible to slow down and not be busy? Is your nervous system geared toward continuous action and accomplishment? Do you feel uneasy or even guilty when you slow down and read a book or just take it easy?

A couple weeks ago I attended a wedding in Palm Springs and aside from attending the events Friday and Saturday nights there was nothing that had to get done. I could feel myself unwinding and just enjoying the letting go within my body, mind and Spirit.

Having time to just be allows us to let go of that constant internal drive that takes us from one activity to the next. It brings us back to ourselves and provides the space for clarity and inner peace. This connection within is what we long for and it is our point of balance and power. It is from this place within that we attract the life we truly desire.

Let go of striving and trying and stop for a minute to listen within to what is really important for you. Then of course, take action towards those goals. The results might surprise you. Balance is the key.

In deep gratitude

Love and Light, Marion