A World of Noise and Busyness

With technology, social media, families, jobs and all other stresses, we do not find much stillness in our daily lives. Meditation is a practice that supports a connection to our inner Selves and an opportunity to quiet our minds and find a way to live a grounded, centered life.

Beginning Meditation

If you are beginning meditation, the misconception is that it is all about relaxing. While this is one of the benefits it is really about bringing the mind into focused awareness. All healing begins with AWARENESS. Become aware of your mind and its thoughts and your body and its sensations. Practice awareness without assigning a judgement. During meditation a simple beginning practice is to BREATHE easily and gently while bringing awareness to the breath. Just noticing the breath breathe in your body. This becomes your point of focus. Every time your mind wanders or your body aches bring your attention back to the breath.


Finally and most important for those of you starting out, make a COMMITMENT to your practice. Meditation is not about accomplishing a goal but rather making a commitment to developing a practice. You will find that even 10 minutes a day will align you with your true Self and your life will unfold in ways that bring you inner peace and joy. Take this time to give you this gift of a little time each day.

Love and Light, Marion