Alone In Sedona


I am returning feeling refreshed and excited about what’s ahead. A while back, I asked myself “What do I really need?” What I heard back was that I need time to be nurtured and time for myself. This prompted my week in Sedona. It was an interesting experience because A. I was going alone and B. I had no real plans. I was not attending a workshop or going to an event, I was just going to be quiet for a while to relax and listen to myself.

My Commitment to Myself

My commitment was that I would do what I wanted to do and not listen to the should voice in my head. The voice that says I should use the time wisely. To write and catch up on work that needs to be done. As you know, that voice can be really loud at times. I can truly say that my time in Sedona was both wonderful and challenging. Growing up in a family of five and venturing into a marriage with three children, I never really had space or time for myself. Even with the changes that I have been through over the past several years, my busy schedule means that my alone time is rare.

Thoughts and Feelings

Resting into this week with nothing to do and no place to go, I was left with the company of my own thoughts and feelings. During this time, I was witness to the internal struggle calling me to be productive. There were even moments in which I could feel the part of me that wanted to control the spiritual transformation that was taking hold inside of me. I heard them and I did not succumb.


I decided to trust that listening to my needs. Allowing myself this alone time would provide the greatest opening of all. If I kept listening to my needs and to my inner guidance, I could not possibly go in a direction that was not in my absolute highest good. Nothing earth shattering happened on the outside, but I could feel internal changes to my very essence. I know I am more connected to who I truly am and that will guide my life.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light