Good Monday morning. Meditation will be tonight at 7 as usual. See you there. Please let me know via text or email if you will be there.


One of the key ingredients in the journey to being who we truly are is to create a safe and sacred space for ourselves. To accomplish this we have to learn how to set boundaries and how to communicate openly, honestly and effectively. This heart-centered communication is used to set clear, healthy boundaries which allows us to let go and trust in who we are.

We all have relationships or situations that drain our energy. Who drains your energy? What in your life leaves you feeling depleted? The answers to these questions are clues to beginning to find where you need to set some boundaries. Creating and holding safe space for yourself is a dynamic process and we want our boundaries to be fluid and not rigid. Rigid boundaries usually come from an external rule about what is right and what is wrong. Living an empowered life means that you are constantly checking in to your inner wisdom to decide what feels right for you. This means that by being truly present you can turn inward to see where to set boundaries for yourself and your loved ones. This requires a deep TRUST in yourself.


  • Learning to say yes and no
  • Letting go of pleasing others
  • Practicing heart-centered communication
  • Getting in touch with how you feel around others
  • Becoming clear about what you like and don’t like
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Being committed to your truth
  • Having the courage to let go of people and things that no longer serve you

As always in living consciously, it is essential to be connected to the feelings and sensations in your body as they will guide you with a not quite right feeling or a feeling of openness. Trust you. Be willing to disappoint others to not betray your own Soul. As you develop a beautiful safe space for yourself, you will be able to let go into the beauty of your essential Self. Pure freedom.

Love and Light, Marion