Speaking the truth

In our relationships we offer the greatest gift when we speak what is true. This must begin with our own relationship within. Giving us the an ability to look openly and honestly at ourselves and without judgement to face what is true. It is often just in the acknowledgment of that truth that our energy begins to unwind and we can experience the joy of being. Opening up to what is true and recognizing what we try to hide from ourselves because of fear or shame, allows us to deepen our relationship within.

Intimate Relationships

In intimate relationships truth is often withheld to protect our loved one or because we are afraid the impact of that revelation might have on our connection. It is most often the things we keep hidden that tend to slowly eat away at the relationship and cause pain. The withholding of things inside or of what you feel creates more pain and separation in relationships. Speaking truth to your partner or close friends should not be an opinion of what you think the other person needs to improve on or an indulgence to get something off your chest. There is a big responsibility we must accept and the intention of speaking what is true is best when done with the desire of opening to a deeper form of relationship and connection.

The pain caused by deception cuts deep in the heart and mind of those we are not honest with. It often causes them to doubt themselves and their own inner stirrings of not quite right feelings. Honest open communication that is from the heart is what develops and allows for deep connection and long lasting loving relationships. It takes courage to be open and honest yet the rewards are so great. Those around you and who are close to you will relax and open to you more and more and you will reap the benefits. Without truth with ourselves and others we slowly close down and settle for less than we know is possible in our lives. Maintaining integrity in our lives and relationships allows us to create harmony and peace.

The method of truthful communication is important too.

Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth. Buddha


  • Acknowledge what has happened or what is going on with you
  • Say how you are feeling
  • State what you want or need from the other person
  • Then be ready to listen deeply to what they have to say

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light