The Power of Letting Go

One of the most essential phases of the healing process lies in the ability to Let Go. This is often, however, the hardest part. I have worked with many clients who work
through all the difficulties and pain from the past, address their fears of the future and then find themselves in resistance when they are called to surrender to what is in alignment with their highest nature. In our need to be in control of our lives and our attachment to understanding everything about ourselves and the world around us, we
miss the magical aspect of the unknown. It is only when we are willing to let go into the unknown that we experience true freedom.
A question I hear over and over is, HOW? It is almost impossible to come up with a formula for this although I continue to explore ways to get the information across to
others. The reason it is difficult is that it is a non-doing rather than a doing quality. How do you tell someone how to do something that requires no doing?
Healing cannot occur in the intellectual or thinking mind alone. We are able to understand things about ourselves and even how we came to have certain patterns and
behaviors but until we combine this understanding with body awareness by actually feeling our emotions in our cells and tissues, we do not experience wholeness.
Forgiveness is a form of truly letting go. When we forgive someone for their behavior towards us, we are able to release the anger and hurt we had been holding onto.
Forgiveness is a way to reclaim our Spirit from someone who has hurt us. It allows us to breathe fully again and feel connected to our essential nature. Forgiveness is not telling someone what they did was OK. It is a way of freeing our hearts from the heavy burden of the emotions associated with the hurt. With a free heart, we can function at our optimum and really manifest the life we truly desire.

Marion Light is a knowledgeable and gifted practitioner. The sessions we did were life-changing. She helped me to illuminate my path and heal the parts of me that needed attention. Her holistic approach that addresses both the mind and body allowed me to find greater balance and well being.

-Lisa Hojnacki