Living life consciously involves taking responsibility for the way you show up each day. It is important to pay attention to your inner wisdom as a guide towards what feels in alignment for you. It is not about an external right and wrong but rather an internal paying attention to and trusting what feels right to you. Even if it feels like you didn’t really sign on for the journey of the uncovering of your essential Self, life brings us situations that break us open. These are often times of pain or loss or illness. Our choice in those moments is between shutting down into fear or opening up to our vulnerabilities so that we can truly live life to its fullest with a beautiful open heart.

Life is about relationship and the communication we have within those relationships is the key to living a courageous heart centered life. The relationship that is the most fundamental is the relationship we have within ourselves. To develop an intimate connection within we have to learn to listen to and embrace all of who we are, the parts we like and the parts we don’t. This relationship within helps us develop healthy relationships with our loved ones and work colleagues because we let go of our need to be defensive and protected. Life becomes clearer and we are not seeing life through the filter of our insecurities and disowned parts. Begin exploring that relationship by creating some stillness and safe sacred space for yourself to allow your truth to reveal itself. When we learn to listen deep within we develop the tools to listen to others and through that listening create deep connections.

Practice Awareness:

  • Notice and allow what is
  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions
  • Embrace all of who you are, no fixing
  • Let go of whatever is not serving you
  • Make a conscious choice to change the inner commentary
  • Live a full, vibrant heart centered life.

Love and Light,