Pain is a great teacher

Why? It forces us to stop, to slow down and to own our limitations. It repetitively brings into the present moment and awareness of a particular area of our bodies.  Often it has various tentacles that include emotional or spiritual trauma. These might contribute to the lingering of pain or add to its acuteness.

Something that is often misunderstood is the connection between the body, mind and emotions. If emotional pain is connected to your pain, it does not mean that you are imagining it. Emotional hurt helps us understand more about ourselves and help us learn to cope physically allowing for true healing and self acceptance, Body, Mind and Spirit

My story

When I was 12 or 13 I was diagnosed with scoliosis and underwent a spinal fusion as I had a condition also where the discs slipped off each other called spondiolisthesis. It was a very traumatic experience and being a big athlete I was afraid I would be limited physically after the surgery.  I was a month in hospital and three months in a cast after which I went on to play the sports I loved and dealt with the pain as needed through the strength of pure will.

In recent years my scoliosis has been more debilitating and limits my enjoyment of simple day to day activities. Living with pain most of my life allows me feel deep compassion for those who exist with chronic pain. It can take over someones life and demands so much attention and time. Often not allowing you to be free to be spontaneous with your activities.

I ask you this

Do you suffer with pain? What is it trying to teach you about yourself? Are there emotional aspects contributing? Is it offering you anything?

Remember to look at the unconscious reasons we might hold on. Can you be truly present with it and the sensations however challenging? Can you practice compassion for yourself and others who may be suffering?

Have a wonderful week.
Love and Light