The soul’s journey is a courageous one

It asks of us to look deep inside to uncover what it is that keeps us from being ourselves. What are the stories, habits and fears that we return to over and over that prevent us from stepping into the unknown? The next step to be taken is often simple and yet we make it more complicated because we want to know the end result. The beauty of living is that we don’t know what is next. This is the mystery that invites us to be present to each moment.


I have realized that healing does not begin with an answer to solve a problem or “fix” what is “wrong”. Opening and healing comes when we understand and create space for the truth and understanding what is keeping us from fully engaging in our lives. Trying to solve or fix keeps us from a conversations with a loved one about something that is hurting us, from taking a step towards something we really want, from opening our hearts to the world around us. We think we have to come up with a solution and so often we are looking for those solutions in our intellectual minds.

Instead of using intellectual mind:

  • Come into your body
  • Listen and feel the sensations associated with your deep truth
  • Sit with that truth without judgement or shaming
  • Allow it to breathe in you and notice where it began, what its origins are
  • Stay present and breathe and trust in the divine intelligence of your being to begin this trans-formative journey

Finding the courage to stay in this place unravels the elaborate story and the energy that has held it in place for years so that the epicenter of our limiting beliefs and patterns can be revealed and freed.

When I listen within, I find these irrational fears that began in my childhood. These fears if left uncovered can cause pain in all my relationships but most importantly in the relationship with myself. They cause contraction and tension in my body and prevent me from living fully and passionately present. It is almost as if in naming them I shine a light in the darkness and they can no longer work underground keeping me from a life of openhearted compassion and love.

It is not the thing you fear that you must deal with, it is the mother of the thing you fear. The very thing that has given birth to your nightmare.”
David Whyte

Love and Light