The most joyful journey of my life so far was becoming a mother. My hope is that I have loved and accepted my beautiful children as they are. I am excited for what is to come.

What would it be like if we found the courage to let go of control? Imagine the peace and joy in simply allowing yourself to be. How would it be if we let go of the notion that there is something in us that needs fixing or changing? Let’s start a revolution! No more fixing!!!

It sounds so simple and really quite silly. How obvious it seems to allow ourselves to be who we essentially are. All of us know how hard it can be to just let go of control and the desire to manipulate outcomes. Our entire psychological makeup, our ego, is based in the need to control. We are full of hidden fears and what if stories and conditioning from our previous life experiences. We learn very early on about what we need to do or how we need to act so that we can be loved and get our needs met. As life’s hurts and betrayals take hold in us, we freeze around the experiences and attach further limiting beliefs about our ‘not-enoughness’ or our ‘unlovableness’. One of the greatest fears of the human is the fear of discovery, that someone might see us uncovered, open and vulnerable. We carry a shame associated with what we believe to be wrong with us or what we might have done wrong before. The healing of this shame is to bring compassionate awareness to the rejected parts of ourselves and love and accept ourselves anyway. This is, of course, also our greatest freedom. Can you love all of you, the parts you like and the parts you don’t like or are ashamed of?

Growing up I internalized that I was not wanted. I felt the disappointment of my mother that I was a girl. Then because of her own conditioning and her inability to offer unconditional love my insecurities grew and I went about trying to hide them through accomplishments and false confidence. This pattern was repeated in my marriage and I had the belief that my value was only based in what I could offer others. Giving is easy for me. I love easily and well and so embraced motherhood and my work as a healer fully. The challenge became letting in love. My fear of experiencing further betrayal and the deep pain associated with that led me to protect myself and become watchful of where it was safe to come out and play:). This does not allow me to be my full vibrant Self and the pain of that is much worse than any pain another could inflict on me. I am then betraying my own Soul.

The amount of precious life force energy we use to stay hidden can rather be used towards living a joyful vital life filled with love and openness. Lets do that. You are not broken. You are the authority of your life. Let’s penetrate through those deep layers of patterning and conditioning to uncover the Beauty of who we are. Activate the Motherself within that loves unconditionally. Who you are in your essential nature is Divinely perfect. Be that Self. It is your responsibility and your gift to the world around you. You will benefit too by feeling that love pour back to you and your life will organize around that truth.

Love and Light, Marion