As we move into a new year it is often a time when we set resolutions or goals for the year ahead, things we might want to change in ourselves or improve on. These often include outer accomplishments like losing weight, exercising more frequently, and the list goes on. They require us to be more disciplined and of course that is very valuable and important for each of us. How often have you noticed that these might last for a time and then fall away? Then we feel bad, shame ourselves and feel as if we have failed, and the cycle of our separation from ourselves continues.

Let us focus on listening really deeply within ourselves to uncover what it is we truly desire, what we want to direct our energy and focus toward. Let us ask ourselves not what our resolutions are but what our intentions are for the year to come. When we set intentions that come from the inside out, we move closer to living the life that is in our divine design. Attention and Intention are age old principles that are found in all traditions. Paying attention is becoming more mindful. listening more deeply within, and bringing focused awareness to all that is in and around us. Through attention, we create a safe and sacred space for our being and it is into this space that we can drop our intentions. They can then breathe and gain power as they organize our energy and direct us toward what we really want, how we can really make a difference, how we can experience being who we are. This brings peace.

Spend some time asking yourself in your heart:

  • What do I want to attract to me this year?
  • How do I want to feel in my life?
  • What footprint do I want to leave on this earth?
  • Where do I want to focus my attention and energy?
  • What is important to me?

Wishing you all a powerful and joyful year ahead. Be You. Remember that is the greatest gift you have to give.

Love and Light, Marion