The natural unfolding of our lives brings us opportunities to experience personal growth and open our hearts, or to shut down because of fear. The spiritual journey or the journey to the Self is not one to be undertaken lightly. It requires courage and I honor all of you for walking this path. Fear limits our connection to who we are and compromises our inner peace. Fear causes us to want to control the world outside us, which is an impossible feat. We keep trying to make our world predictable and focus on how others around us behave, mostly because we are afraid to open to ourselves and allow for our life’s divine design. Events in our lives, starting when we are really young, hurt us and cause us to shut down because we don’t know how to allow the energy to move through us in those moments. We then attach beliefs about ourselves to this pain, both consciously and unconsciously, and they get stored at a cellular level along with the blocked energy. As time goes on these beliefs have the power to attract other situations that hurt us which make the pain vortex get bigger and stronger. Usually part of what we tell ourselves is that we never want to feel pain like that again and we shut down more. Then we use our precious life force energy to keep that hidden or protected. We fear opening to it because we don’t trust our inner beings. What we are protecting is the part of the self we don’t like or feel shame about. We fear others’ judgements or rejection.

Our challenge is to concentrate on our inner beings, accepting that we have no control of the world around us. We do however have the power to notice what we fear, bring awareness to how it feels in our bodies and make the choice to stay open and centered. We can do it. We just need to trust ourselves. In doing this the fear loses power and our Spirit soars. We are then able to let go of attachment to other people’s behaviors and reactions and focus on what causes us to close our hearts and choose to open them. Treat fear and anxiety like a bully, face it and release its power over you rather than run and hide from it.

This weekend I went to the labyrinth twice. It is my sacred place. I had been noticing how the fear of not being wanted, which has been with me since I was very young has been causing me to limit allowing my voice in the world. My fear of being judged for being different or being misinterpreted has kept me small and tight. Witnessed by a very special friend I released it. I no longer want to be limited because of fear. I no longer want to wait for acceptance before I venture outside of my comfortable place. I commit to allowing my powerful, mystical feminine voice to be heard and trust that whatever needs to come through me will. I surrender and allow.

May 2nd I am holding a workshop on Effective Communication. It is a key ingredient in creating safe space for ourselves so we can let go. Please sign up below

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Love and Light, Marion