Why do so many of us struggle to be alone with ourselves?

Many of us struggle to be alone, when we know that to really understand ourselves means the ability to melt into the essence of our true beings. Why do we use so many tools to distract ourselves? What are we really afraid of?

In yoga yesterday I set the intention for the week for myself: mindful presence.

To be mindfully present we must intentionally bring our attention into each moment. This practice allows us to be free of the distractions and behaviors we use to move away from ourselves and our lives. Why are we so afraid to be our powerful selves when we so badly desire the freedom that it brings?

Remember, our unconscious patterning is running the show until we find the courage to shine a light on it and transform it. We engage in all sorts of behaviors to distract us from facing what we fear most. It could be a fear of rejection, of not feeling wanted, of not feeling loved, of not being ENOUGH. The companion to this fear is often a shame of that same misbelief. We want to avoid showing to others or ourselves our “weaknesses”. And so we distract ourselves with activities and behaviors and thoughts, and of course, our lives don’t unfold in the way we so desire. What might surprise you is that many very successful people suffer this same internal war. It is an inner battle fought within by most of us.

Imagine how it would feel to be truly present, to really love and accept yourself. How would that feel in your body and what would it allow for you? How would it feel in your mind and your Spirit? Anchor that feeling and let it grow. Now ask yourself, What do I do to keep myself from feeling free and powerful?

  • Do you keep yourself really busy with work or activities?
  • Do you stay very busy in your thoughts and go over and over things?
  • Do you stay in relationships that aren’t working?
  • Do you engage in behaviors like eating too much, drinking, watching TV, looking at your phone, or other distracting activities?
  • Do you sabotage yourself by not practicing those things that support your inner connection?
  • Do you get lost in spiritual theory and not embody the practices that support your awakening?

As you can tell, the list could go on. Spend some time this week reflecting on what is keeping you from being alone with yourself and finding the courage to face the old patterns and limiting beliefs that we are working so hard to hide from ourselves and others. Be courageous yet gentle and loving with yourself, no judging, no shaming. Just bring to light those things that are keeping you from expressing your essence in the world.

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Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light