(Everyone all relaxed and open with the power of the gong 🙂 )

Good Morning everyone. There will be meditation tonight at my studio at 7pm. Please let me know via text or email if you plan to attend. I look forward to seeing you there.

We had a beautiful afternoon on Saturday of Sound, Meditation and Listening to each other. Great way to raise our vibrations.

Meditation and Vibration

Vibrational Medicine is based on the principles that all matter vibrates to a certain frequency and that by creating resonance with that vibration through awareness, sounds, healthy lifestyle, essential oils and deep listening, balance can be restored.

Within all life there is a coexistence of matter and space, sound and silence, movement and stillness, light and dark. We see this represented by the yin yang symbol and in that symbol see the significance of the relationship and interaction of these polarities. Our natural state of being is an ease of movement through those polarities. We can often get stuck in one of the polarities unable to move through our lives with ease. Trauma and pain whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual cause us to become stuck.

The interaction of these polarities is the creative force of everything. This relationship between positive and negative forces is what creates our reality. Without this movement between the polarities nothing would exist. There would be just space.

When healthy and vibrant we pulse in and out of stillness and movement with ease. It is the dance of life, dynamic and ever changing. It is searching through its natural wisdom and intelligence to find balance at all times

Trauma and disease usually result in no movement or too much movement causing us to become stuck or wear ourselves out. This is often necessary at times to protect so it is important for us to have the awareness so that e can connect at the deepest level to allow for movement again. If left too long, the system cannot self-correct and and will eventually atrophy or die, resulting in illness.

Resonance and Vibration

Resonance works on the principle that like attracts like. Our beings vibrate at different frequencies. Vibrational Healing Techniques gently invite the stuck energy to move or vibrate again, or the over stimulated energy to find stillness. We then find a way to to have balance and movement when we are able to move through the entire range of energy pulsation.

Speaking truth to ourselves and others also allows us to operate at a very high vibration. It keeps our energy clear and open.

Healing our past hurts allows us to bring ourselves into present time. Pulling our energy back from what’s ahead also frees us to be present and centered. This allows us to be in our highest vibration, connected to the cosmic subtle energies while being grounded in the earth.

Have a wonderful week and happy 4th! I will be away next week so I will see you again on the 11th.

Love and Light