When you look back on your life will you be able to say that you loved fully and openly? Have you risked being hurt so that you could really experience what it is to love with an open heart? Have you been able and willing to open up your heart after experiencing pain and betrayal? It is only when we risk what we fear most that we get what we truly want in our hearts and in our lives. We have a choice. Loving another and allowing ourselves to be loved in return requires courage. It shakes up old wounds and the pain from past relationships and allows us an opportunity to heal and experience love again. There is no guarantee that that love will be returned and the fear of that sends alarm bells out to our protective patterning to shut down the security gates so that we can retreat behind them. Is that really living fully and passionately? I think that is a decision each person has to make for themselves. The only person who knows the answer to that is you. Every part of you will be wanting to comply with that decision you made deep within during a time of hurt that is now held at a cellular level. It will want you to avoid feeling pain again. Could you do it anyway?

Loving another is a vulnerable thing. It is through our relationships that we really get to know ourselves and to continue to grow. Our relationships and especially the close ones provide a mirror for us to consciously and gently look at our strengths and limitations so that we can shine a light on the patterns deep within that limit the full expression of our being. The beauty of life is that we have a choice and that our inner wisdom should be our guide. Can you make choices from an open heart rather than a fearful one? My belief is that it is that courageous choice that will bring you joy and peace.

Love and Light, Marion