We have all been hurt at one stage or another and had our hearts broken. It is an extremely painful experience and some have experienced it more than others. The term heartbreak is very accurate because that is what it actually feels like, as if your heart has been split in two or torn open. It is these situations that provide us with an opportunity to shut down and build walls of protection or have the courage to open to ourselves and our lives. In those times of trauma and pain, we usually make decisions, sometimes unconscious ones to never feel that type of pain again and we go into a mode of protection. These decisions and protections can live on for years and result in a much deeper pain of separation from ourselves and others.

In my years of working with others through their pain, and myself with my own pain, I have felt those walls as if they were physical constructs. They definitely keep others from getting that close to us that they could possibly hurt us again, however they also keep love from coming in and going out. Is it possible to love from behind a wall? Not the kind of love and connection that most of us seek. I believe that loving another takes the most courage because we are risking what most of us fear most, rejection and pain. It is worth it. It has to start with some of us. Be the ones who are powerful enough to be vulnerable. Communicate and love with openness and truth. This will bring you all your heart desires.

Move out of your intellect and tune into your heart and soul to see if you can slowly deconstruct the walls of protection you have built. Just the power of allowing your heart to be open and loving will create a field of protection that is permeable and strong. This is fortified by healthy boundaries and a commitment to be good to ourselves and to make choices that are in alignment with our highest good, no compromises. Only then will you experience the beautiful connection with your loved ones and open up to attracting the love you crave.

Love and Light, Marion