We are powerful creative beings

We can attract to us the life we truly desire, the life that is alignment with who we are, with our Soul. There has been much written about the ability to attract what we want and that it is important that we just focus on whatever that is. What is often forgotten is that our thinking mind, while really powerful, does not operate on its own. The hidden unconscious limiting beliefs and old patterns can pack a punch.

Limiting beliefs pack a punch

Even if we say repeatedly all day what we want to create in our lives, we might be frustrated or surprised when these things don’t happen. What is most often missed is that our old wounds and pains and the beliefs we took on at those moments have great power if left uncovered.

If I say I want to attract a new job but the fear of leaving the one is stronger than the desire, no matter how much I say what I want, it probably won’t happen. When I make a list of the partners I want to attract in my life but my fear of being vulnerable or of being hurt is stronger, it most likely won’t happen. If I am not listening within to what my heart truly desires and I constantly put out to the Universe something I want that is not in alignment with my Soul, you guessed it, it won’t appear in my life.

Importance of listening within

What I am stressing in this message is how important it is to listen within. We are more than a thinking mind. Listen to the wisdom within your body. Be in truth with yourself about what is limiting you and shine a light on those patterns. Pay attention to how it serves you to hold on to them, even though it makes no logical sense. Be gentle with this uncovering. Allow what doesn’t serve you to fall away, leaving you powerful, vulnerable and therefore in your highest vibration. This will naturally attract to you joy, peace and what your heart desires.

Have a wonderful week.

Love and Light