Good morning everyone,

The stages of healing are:
1. Awareness
2. Taking Responsibility
3. Letting Go
4. Freedom

It seems as if the place where most of us get stuck is in the Letting Go stage. We can develop an awareness and notice our patterns of behavior or belief systems and our emotions and physical sensations with some practice and commitment. This is very important as it brings us out of the dark space of living an unconscious or conditioned life where others have power over us. Moving from blame to taking responsibility is difficult too as we are in the habit of either being too hard on ourselves or blaming others for the condition of our lives. When we take responsibility we move beyond being a Victim and closer to an empowered life.

Then comes the time for letting go. One of the reasons this step is so challenging is because it is a non doing step. Letting Go is very hard to grasp in our intellectual minds. Our controllers within want to know how to do it and what will happen when we do. This is where it is essential to tap into the courage deep within your being. You are about to step into the unknown and this place is comfortable. You cannot experience both courage to be truly You and comfort. It is uncomfortable to open up your heart and be willing to let go into the true Self. What can you let go of? What are you attached to? What are your fears? Can you forgive those who have hurt you? Can you forgive yourself?

Tune into your inner Being. Feel your heart and your belly. See if you are tight and compressed. Feel your shoulders and see if you can let go. Start with the physical, then let go of those incessant thoughts, then let go into your emotions with conscious awareness, not drowning. Then finally let go into the beauty of your Spirit, into the Beauty of who you are. See how zen, vulnerable and powerful you feel.

Love and Light, Marion