What I find over and over in my life is that the things I try to control or make neat to fit into my idea of how things need to be are usually the situations and relationships that elude me or create pain. In the transformation I went through about 23 years ago, the power of letting go and allowing was the most profound tool I learned. The guidance I received was to listen deep within and trust what I heard and felt in my inner wisdom and then act on that intuitive knowing. This led me to this moment doing the work I love, fulfilling my Soul’s purpose and continuing to grow and learn in my personal life. What I notice is that when things aren’t going quite the way I think I want them to or when fear steps in, I try to force things and my body and mind contract around the fear. This blocks my ability to receive life’s blessings and all that is in my highest good. My ego takes over and convinces me of all that is not right and what I need to do to get it. This usually creates resistance to what is in my highest alignment.

What if we let go of the desire to control life and its outcomes? What if we found the courage to listen within and trust that when we are connected within we can attract whatever is in our highest good? How would it be to step through our fears and anxieties and allow life to guide us a little? How might our lives be different?

The challenge of letting go and surrender is that it is a non-doing skill and we love to feel that we are in control of our lives and what happens next in our life’s unfolding. To be honest we have no control over what happens in the next moment or what has already transpired in our lives. What we do have power over is what we open in each moment and where we place our attention….. the present moment. This is what contributes to more freedom, more ease, and can have magical outcomes. This surrender doesn’t mean you never have difficulties. It does, however, allow us to move through life with more grace. Let’s try it!

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Have a beautiful week.
Love and Light, Marion