As most of you might have seen or heard, my beloved uncle was killed during a break in at their home in Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you all for your prayers and love. It is at these times that we often ask Why? There are no answers to that question so it leaves us frustrated and angry and wanting revenge. For there to be true peace on this earth, we can practice opening our hearts in times of pain, whether small or immense such as this. This allows us to connect with the grief and pain and allows it to move through our systems and not get stuck. I know this is easier to say than to do, however, it is the way to connect to our deeper Selves. If we try to “analyze” or “understand” we remain in our thinking minds and bypass the heart. Staying present and honoring the deep grief and feeling it is the way we connect with our Souls. We can then keep the memory of our loved one alive in a clear and pure heart. I love you John and Cherie.

Love and Light, Marion