David Whyte

I had the privilege of experiencing the poetry and wisdom of David Whyte in person this weekend. It touched my soul in the most beautiful way. He has a gift of listening that is so profound and as you listen to him you feel yourself held in a way that invites you to let go into yourself and open your heart a little more.

Heading down to Charleston

I went all the way to Charleston to enjoy this experience. I was able to enjoy the beautiful city, have dinner with some good friends and bathe in the invitation to be in stillness. What a blessing to find someone who resonates so deeply with my walk in the world.

David Whyte is so grounded in himself and holds a space that allows you to let things be while you drink in his words. His words are like his invitation to engage in a “conversation” with your life and yourself. While he speaks you can feel him listening to the room and adjusting what he offers according to what he hears. There is no talk of the three or five steps that you need to take to accomplish something, just a gentle uncovering of what reveals itself to you in the stillness beyond the words.

Following My Intuition

This weekend was an example of following my intuition. I decided on a whim to find out where he would be speaking after hearing my sister was no longer able to make it here to see me from South Africa. Upon discovering he would be in Charleston I made my reservations and within a few weeks found myself on a plane to South Carolina. Often when we take these journeys our minds want to have an experience we can report back to ourselves and others that can validate the intuitive call with an obvious result. Often it is the inner shift that occurs that leads us closer to life’s unfolding.

We don’t know what each experience has for us and yet in heeding that call we take a step into the unknown and then are guided on another step and then another. Let’s all listen and take the steps we feel guided to. Who knows where it will lead yet somehow I know it will lead each of us closer to our essential natures.

I want to know
if you know
how to melt into that fierce heat of living
falling toward
the center of your longing. David Whyte

Love and Light,