As we navigate the holiday season once again, let’s take some time to slow down the pace and connect to the true meaning of this time of year. We can get very caught up in the hustle and bustle of what needs to be done instead of taking the time to appreciate the opportunities for offering love and compassion to others. The challenge for each of us is to develop a healthy peaceful relationship with ourselves. It is that relationship that influences and informs all of our other relationships: with family, friends, our work, our health and physical looks, our spirituality, money and our partner in life. For us to experience peace in our lives, we must first be comfortable within. This time of the year invites us inward. It is up to us to set aside some moments to practice mindfulness. This practice will allow us to offer our greatest gift, an open heart.

As you journey through this season, I invite you to move your awareness from your intellectual mind to your heartspace so that you can connect deep within and feel what resonates with you so that you can uncover the truth and beauty of who you are. Our life’s journey is not about fixing or changing ourselves but rather about finding the courage to be who we are and always have been. From the moment we can feel, we absorb messages about ourselves and about ways in which we are not enough or not lovable or not worthy. In moments of pain we absorb these messages and they become our shield of protection and suits of armor and we begin to believe that is who we are. Over time we forget our essential natures and operate our lives out of this limited version of ourselves and we unconsciously decide what we believe is safe to show to the world around us. It is an epidemic in our world, being who we think we need to be to keep others happy or to be accepted. Even some of the most outwardly successful people are battling an inner message of not feeling good enough. We are very crafty in the unconscious mind. We use a full spectrum of techniques to build our walls so that we can stay hidden or repressed. can we create a safe and loving space for ourselves to awaken to what we truly desire in our life and what is keeping us from it, to learn to embrace all of who we are, our strengths and limitations, shames and accomplishments, our joys and our pain so that we can empower ourselves to live life freely and joyfully.

Living a conscious life will take you on a journey into yourself and then out into your life.
A journey through the emotions to your spirit. A journey to freedom and joy. We have spent many years understanding our problems and knowing what they are. The only way we truly heal is to allow ourselves to really feel those emotions and connect with the sensations in our bodies so we can free the trapped energy that got frozen in the moment of pain or trauma. As we free that energy we have more of our precious life force energy to use to live our lives and contribute to the world around us. In this season of gift giving please remember that the greatest gift you can give is You, free to love and accept yourself and others as they are.

Practice patience with others, smile often at those around you and find that courage to live open and loving lives. Happy Holiday season.

In deep gratitude

Love and Light, Marion