Good Monday morning. Meditation will be tonight at 7 as usual. See you there. Please let me know via text or email if you will be there.

Be You! It is the key to freedom and peace. Let down the walls of protection and defense. Let go of trying to be who you think you need to be and allow yourself to be who you are. This does not involve figuring out who you are but truly surrendering to the unfolding of your life.

This sounds so simple and yet we all struggle so much with it and suffer in the meantime. The journey to living a free and empowered life is a vulnerable one. It is one that is taken by the courageous. In our world where there is a stigma around seeking help to work through your past pains and future anxieties, we are forced to lock our pain away and bury it deep inside our bodies and minds. This pain and shame eats away at us and separates us more and more from our essential natures until we act out by hurting our loved ones and ourselves, or in extreme cases by steering a plane filled with 150 innocent people into a mountain.

I am so honored to hold space for the courageous people in my practice and in my workshops and meditation classes who are bringing awareness to what is hurting them and keeping them from being free. They then begin to embrace and accept themselves and their lives as they are right now, while always moving toward their heart’s desire. Ultimately they let go and allow, which includes forgiving themselves and those who have hurt them so they can live free, empowered lives.

This process is not linear and is a dynamic one. We live it. Being true to you does not mean life’s challenges go away but that you have a way of moving through them with more ease and grace. Sometimes that is hard to trust

AWAKEN: Awareness and Mindfulness practice
EMBRACE: Acceptance and Allowing practice
EMPOWER: Trust you. Let go and surrender into the vulnerability of being YOU

To create this space for yourselves to be free it is essential to trust your inner knowing, set boundaries and use your voice.

May 2nd I am holding a workshop on Effective Communication. It is a key ingredient in creating safe space for ourselves so we can let go. Please sign up on my website

Love and Light, Marion