17 years ago as I was going through both a serious health crisis and emotional turmoil in my marriage, I found myself wondering about the connection between emotions and illness. This questioning led me into my life’s work. Over the years I have seen many times with others the harmful results in the body and in relationships from suppressed emotions. There are so many factors that contribute to our health, happiness and vitality: genetics, emotions, diet and nutrition, relationships, stress, exercise and fitness, connection to purpose, among others.

It was during this very difficult time that I felt a clarity come over me and I heard a message that said: Marion, there is Power in Vulnerability. I was not feeling much power at that time, and I was feeling very vulnerable. We often think of vulnerability as a weakness and power as something we possess over other people or things. Power in Vulnerability, however, is all about inner knowing and inner power. Think about it, if you can uncover your true essential Self and live your life with an open compassionate heart, you are open and vulnerable and yet at your most powerful. Coming to life without apology or protection leaves us feeling open and exposed, and it is the letting go or surrender into this fear of the unknown that awakens a power deep within. This power is our divine Self and when we have a connection to that, we can navigate our lives with ease and grace.

Come with us on a journey of self exploration, a discovery of what is blocking you from truly being You, an opening up to your heart’s desire and to your dharma, your life purpose. These answers are all within you. The steps are not always easy and it takes courage to look at yourself with openness. No more fixing. Give it up. You are already there under the armoring, limiting beliefs, protections etc. Allow your beauty and light to shine in the world. This will bring peace and abundance.

Love and Light, Marion