Today my son, Roscoe, turns 29. It is hard to believe how time has gone by and what life has brought my way since then. The blessings of being a mother to him and my daughters has brought so much joy to my life. It has also taught me many life lessons. It was while I was pregnant with Roscoe that we thought about leaving South Africa. We began to think about where we would want our children to be in 20 years. Roscoe was nine months old when we left everything we knew in South Africa to traipse across the world to our new home, having no idea of what lay ahead. It has been an adventure for sure.

Roscoe always had that bit of Africa in him. My friends in LA said he had a peacefulness about him. I often wonder what the impact of such a huge move at such a young age had on him. All I had to rely on was my profound love for him, that unconditional mother love. From his entry into this world, he carried a wisdom within him and seemed to know things about life that he had neither been taught or experienced yet. He was deeply sensitive to those around him. We spent hours and hours playing and reading together. Being his mother opened my heart to loving openly and unconditionally. My hope is that he and my daughters have felt fully loved and accepted for who they are, no conditions, and that the experience of that love will allow them to love and accept themselves as they continue their individual journeys. Happy Birthday Roscoe, I love you.

We do not all receive unconditional love from our parents. It is amazing the impact it can have on our growth and our trust in ourselves if we receive that early on in life. Our relationships with our parents have a profound effect on our intimate relationships later in life. That unconditional love allows us to know deep inside that we are beautiful and loved just the way we are. This love can provide a solid foundation for our lives. Whether we received that love by our parents or not, it becomes our life journey to let down our built up walls of protection, our conditioned responses and our limiting beliefs to love ourselves in a way that allows us to fulfill our life’s purpose and offer our gifts to the world. Each of us has our own path and experiences along the way that impact us and challenge us. Sometimes when it becomes too painful we shut down so we can protect. The challenge is to open around those places of pain so we can heal and live fully and passionately present. Find the mother energy within you that you can rest into and experience the beauty of your essential Self.

In deep gratitude

Love and Light, Marion