Every Monday 7pm-8pm

$20 per class

Take some time for yourself and get a good start to your week. Through guided meditation, you can tune in and learn to be mindful in your everyday life. Marion will lead you through a meditation and the group will all move into stillness for about 20 minutes.


What can you expect in guided meditation

Marion will be there to help guide the group through a meditation. After 40 minutes, the guided meditation will lead into a silent meditation for about 20 minutes. Marion incorporates sound vibration with crystal bowls and tuning forks which will help deepen your connection with your inner self. The class will be held in a group of ten to twelve people. There is a grace that comes from meditating in a group. Connecting to others in the community can be a wonderful support system in our lives.


How does guided meditation work?

The brain does not differentiate between real life events and imagined events. By incorporating Guided Meditation into your life, you are able to focus on positive events and thoughts, changing the brains neural pathways and your brain stores these new pathways for future use. Guided meditation leads you to new positive experiences that can change the way your brain works, improving how you react to stress in everyday situations.


Where is it located?

Guided Meditation is held at the studio every Monday from 7-8pm.
Address: 4175 N Goldwater Blvd, # 112, 85251 Scottsdale, United States


Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of meditation?

The concept of meditation can feel overwhelming, if not impossible. This is because many of us hold the idea that in order to meditate we have completely still in our thoughts and in our mind. This is not necessarily true. Meditation is a practice and as a practice, it can take time to free your mind and sit in stillness. The benefits of meditation come from consistency and commitment and not perfection.


What are the benefits of meditation

  • A consistent meditation practice is very supportive for both mental and physical health
  • Calms the busy mind
  • Connects you to your body’s messages
  • Increases health and vitality
  • Brings you into the present moment
  • Grounds you in your essential nature
  • Supports inner peace and relaxation

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