Isn’t it a strange feeling when the earth moves? Last night I was woken with a jolt and thought someone was trying to get in through my patio door. There were however a few earthquakes in Camp Verde, Arizona. Thankfully it seems they were not too significant and everyone is safe. In 1994 we were living in Los Angeles and were woken to the earth rolling beneath us. My kids were 4 and 7 and we spent a while under the dining room table waiting for the movement to stop. We had been in a few quakes in LA before that but never one as big or as close. That was a tense time as people had lost their homes and even some their lives. I felt such gratitude that my family was safe and didn’t want to let them out of my sight for a while.

It makes us realize how important a strong foundation is. It is our rootedness and grounding that we build our lives around. How strong is your foundation? When we have strong
roots and foundation we can soar to greater heights in our lives. The earth element is essential in creating a safe space in which we can let go and allow ourselves to be who we are.

Do you feel stuck?

Do you have strong foundation?

Do you have good boundaries?

Have you healed your past hurts?

A healthy Earth element or root chakra includes strong healthy boundaries. Bring awareness to whether you have rigid boundaries and push others away or if you have few boundaries and put others needs before your own. Do you feel strong and grounded in who you are to allow the space to experience freedom and love?

In deep gratitude

Love and Light, Marion