Attention and Awareness

To discover who we really are and uncover the truest sense of our self, we have to place our attention and awareness on the deepest sense of what it feels like to be ourselves, while letting everything else be. Imagine falling into empty space.

The practice of meditation

This practice provides a space for us to fall deeply within into the stillness. It is a space where our thoughts don’t take hold and our attachments to emotional and physical discomfort recede into the quiet space of our being. This practice supports us in finding peace even when all around us is disrupted. It doesn’t mean that you disconnect from your life and relationships but that you have a connection to this inner wisdom and have a sense of balance.

In fact, it allows you to be more fully present in life. We have no control of what happens to the world around us, yet we have the power to connect deep inside, create stillness and be true to ourselves no matter what situation we find ourselves in. This then reflects what you attract to yourself from the outer world.

Take a little time each day to breathe deeply and let go of busy thoughts. It is worth it.

The inner is the foundation of the outer
The still is the master of the restless
The Sage travels all day
yet never leaves his inner treasure
-Lao Tzu

Love and Light