Finding the courage to take steps even when Fear is urging you to retreat into its illusion of safety is a big key in creating the life you truly desire. Fear creates constriction and when left untended can result in some pretty severe anxiety. As is our general course of action when faced with difficulty we go about trying to fix it or get rid of it or ignore it. The power of anxiety is that it grabs hold of us with such strong physical symptoms that at times I have heard many people describing it as similar to a heart attack. While of course if you have such a severe attack it is always advisable to seek medical attention just in case, true healing from anxiety is not to try to fix it or understand it or suppress it. Anxiety and fear are not based in our logical rational state. There is not usually a real threat to our safety ut a perceived threat anchored in past hurts and trauma. Interestingly it is one of the feelings that is very difficult to repress because of its intense physical nature. It tells us things to keep us tight and restricted and when we indulge the intense thoughts that accompany the sensations in the body we end up feeding it and allow it to grow and intensify.

True healing from anxiety requires the courage to bring presence to both the sensations in the body and the thoughts that go along with those symptoms. We need to move through the anxiety to our essence. It is a barrier to success and open conscious living. Bring a compassionate heart and maybe practice some gratitude for the ways in which anxiety might have served you. It might be a message from deep within that surprises you.

Breathe into the sensations. Really notice them, harvest them, allow them to be as big as they need to be. Do your best to avoid the natural tendency to try to fight it. Stay open, ask yourself if the fantastical things your mind is telling you are true. If you use rational thinking your mind will find reasons for you to feel anxious and the spiral will start. Don’t go to war, embrace the sensations, remind yourself that it is just fear and ask yourself what will support you in that moment.

Remember when dealing with our inner beings and the unconscious patterns that run us that courage and centered awareness are our friends. How is fear affecting your life. As you get stronger in your center and trust in yourself, fear has less power and presence. Make relationship with everything in you, embrace it and return to the beautiful power of who you are.

Love and Light, Marion